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Frequently Asked Questions

Revealed! Why You Shouldn't Do Business with Just Any Rug Exporter

Rugs are an expensive investment, both for you and your consumers. Because of this, you cannot afford to spend money on goods that no one in your target market will invest in.

Instead, choose a reliable rug exporter who is aware of your needs and offers rugs and floor coverings that enable you to meet your client’s demands. One such rug manufacturer with a track record of 80 years of legacy in the business is Ambadi.

We list the advantages you have over other international rug exporters on the market below

There is no quality guarantee

When was the last time your rug manufacturer managed to surprise you with an intriguing design? After all, you don't want to end up with a poorly designed rug that doesn't match your customer’s home decor, right? Try Ambadi once and experience the difference!

We're a design-led company specializing in the production of high-quality hand-made floor coverings and home decors. Our designers constantly stay up-to-date on the latest trends and styles to ensure that our rugs are contemporary and stylish. Unlike unreliable vendors, we consider our clients to be a part of our extended family. We commit to creating a business partnership that benefits mutual concerns, we treat our tradesmen as partners and offer to introduce the best home goods to the global market.

We strive for a luxurious yet relaxed feel that consumers can't get enough of and are far from the boring, crowded, and bombastic designs of random carpet suppliers.

Limited Design

Our passion for making timeless designs made our rug collections quite popular among clients. We are one of the greatest hand-made home goods producers, we send the design team to travel to different locations for ideas and inspiration, enabling the manufacturing to keep current with all global trends.

Our home textiles are among the best on the market as it has incorporated modern trends with traditional styles. Our rugs and home furnishings are just what your clients need to transform from a "good" space into an "elegant" one!

We also aim for the luxurious yet traditional aesthetic that customers adore, which is a far cry from unreliable rug dealers' uninspired, repetitive, and generic patterns.


The majority of rug producers don't give much information about their products' manufacturing and specifications, even on the internet. Particularly with foreign customers, their manufacturing and operations are mysterious.

Since you are a paying customer, we are aware that you require total transparency, and Ambadi offers you exactly that.

We are open and transparent with all our supply chain partners and provide all necessary information from our sustainably sourced raw materials to dyeing and drying.

We’ve manufacturing facilities in several regions of India, which enables us to efficiently manage bulk orders

What’s Next?

Being one of the top rug exporters from India is a great honor for us. Our customers accolade us about the high quality, great value, and adoration of our goods among their clientele. By serving only the highest quality, we show our best interest in your business to establish satisfaction among the customers. Try Ambadi, you won’t get disappointed.

Questions You Should Ask A Carpet Manufacturer Before Placing A Bulk Order

Let's break the truth: Anyone who appreciates quality won't settle for ordinary, unimpressive, or uninteresting carpets. Your bulk carpet supplier must know this and consistently provide you with high-quality, competitively-priced floorings.

To determine the best from the rest, prepare yourself with the following questions before placing bulk orders from any carpet manufacturer.

It is important to keep in mind that not all manufacturers in the industry are the same. If your clients complain about stains, unpleasant odours, or wear-and-tear from the goods they purchased, is it worth risking their wrath and compromising your business so you may get a bulk carpet order for a lesser quote? What you need is a reliable carpet manufacturer like Ambadi who completely understands your needs!

Ask these questions to find out your ideal manufacturer to expand your carpet business

How long has the company been in operation?

Finding someone to do business with requires consideration of their experience in the industry. Most newcomers to the sector are either looking to make quick bucks by producing cheap goods in large numbers, or they lack the right partnership and experience.

To associate with the best carpet manufacturer, seek out for one with a long history in the industry. We at Ambadi have 80 years of rich heritage in hand-curated rugs and home furnishing manufacturing. With us, you can be sure that your bulk orders will reach you in time and in perfect condition as our business is renowned for its dependable logistics and packaging capabilities.

A Range of Products Offered

Reputable carpet manufacturers value innovation. They provide you with a choice. Expect to select from a constantly growing selection of materials and designs from us.

Ambadi produces carpets and home decor for residential, commercial, and hospitality segments.

We manufacture a variety of handcrafted, woven, shaggy, and hand-knotted goods. Ranking as one of India's top producers of hand-tufted carpets, you can choose from a range of designs where timeless designs meet innovations.

We work with some of the best designers available to create fantastic pieces that are sure to be a hit with your consumers.

What's best? Despite our emphasis on design, the home goods we produce are reasonably priced, making them excellent investments.

What Makes Them Unique?

Would you buy from someone whose unique selling point cannot convince you? We know that your company has its own needs that not just any carpet manufacturer will do. You need someone as unique as you are.

Ambadi takes pride in its fair trade and environmentally responsible company operations. Our business is eco-conscious and all of our process and products supports a sustainable future. Our profit extends to support several schools, colleges, and hospitals, unlike other carpet exporters.

We at our business do not compromise on quality. As an industry trendsetter than a follower, we let our design editors travel the world to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. This aids them in coming up with breath-taking designs.

So, if you're looking for goods to catch your customer's eyes in a single glance, Ambadi is the right place to go.

What will you do next?

We satisfy all of your needs for carpets and home decors with premium quality goods at an affordable price. Being a part of the industry for so long has taught us a lot. Our goal is to stay one step ahead of the competition in the industry by keeping up with constantly evolving trends.

Your search for a reliable carpet manufacturer ends with Ambadi

Why you should buy custom rugs? Irresistible reasons

You may be content with providing your clients with wholesale carpets, but some of them desire a little more. For that custom rugs are your ideal solution! It makes sense why they are so popular right now. We’ve revealed the top three reasons to think about stocking Ambadi custom rugs:

FOMO Influences Consumer Behaviour

Fear of missing out determines the ranking of internationally recognized rug manufacturers.

Custom designs have the probability of increasing sales today. When purchasing a rug from you, your consumers won't mind paying extra dollars as a custom make is special and unlike anything else on the market. You can turn their desire for a statement piece to beautify their living into a golden business opportunity.

Include carpets made by custom rug manufacturers in your selection, and you'll notice both existing customers and potential consumers pay extra attention to your collections.

We view individual rugs as works of art.

Although not everyone purchases custom rugs, those who like a bit of luxury in their homes tend to do so. It isn’t too difficult to persuade such people to spend more on an artistic piece!

Our custom designs are one-of-a-kind and drive your customers' attention right away. And it’s no surprise considering Ambadi that we put a lot of thought into custom creations.

Among one of the few rug exporters from India, we send our design team across the globe to find inspiration for and create custom products that are made specifically with the most recent design trends in mind.

Personalized rug = unmatched quality.

Ask us how

We guarantee that every unique piece created in our facilities are unrivaled in terms of design brilliance and quality, thanks to the Ambadi’s Golden Thread of Trust. While hand-knotted wool rug producers concentrate on production numbers, we know that personalized carpets take a more interesting journey.

Our bespoke rugs are of high quality, and we are one of the greatest rug producers in India. We put a lot of work and time into the process, perfecting every element of the product, including the design, shape, color, and texture. As a result, your consumers receive a product that is not only long-lasting but also becomes a central piece of their home for many years.

While many factors influence the price of rugs, including raw material costs and durability, we attempt to maintain the price of rugs as affordable as possible. So, you get the most bang for your bucks.

Next, what?

Second thoughts on investing in a custom rug purchase for your company? Go through the points we discussed in detail to understand why it is a great investment.

Ambadi brings you the finest custom carpets made in India while assisting you in expanding your enterprise.

Why you should buy custom rugs? Irresistible reasons

There are several reasons you would wish to use a rug to elevate your living room. You might wish to protect your floors from furniture scratches, or you might just want to improve the look and feel of your floors. In whatever case, choosing a rug is just as significant as picking a floor covering. Here are some of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a rug for your living space.

1. The Size of your Living Room

When selecting the ideal rug for your living area, this should be your first and most important consideration. The size and shape of your living room are very important considerations when buying a rug. You can determine the size of the rug you need by identifying the area and shape of the space. If your living room is small, we recommend you go for circular or oval-shaped rugs; if it's big, think about rectangular or square ones.

2. What kind of rug?

Primarily we can categorize rugs into two segments, one is modern and the other is traditional rugs. The versatility and durability of traditional rugs are pretty good. When it comes to choosing traditional woollen carpets, it would be an excellent choice if you want to give your living space a traditional look. However, if you want to add a modern and minimalistic touch to your space, modern rugs are a perfect choice as they are eco-friendly.

3. The layout and color of the room

The color of your living room can be influenced by the rug's style and pattern. A patterned rug will look best in a bare or sparsely furnished living room, in contrast to mild hues, it may go unnoticed. Brightly shaded rugs of black and red will give your living space a contemporary look.

4. Rug Care

Different rugs require different maintenance and cleaning. Vacuum cleaners can't be used to clean all rugs. Therefore, while choosing a rug for your living room, be sure to consider the kind of maintenance it needs and then purchase it according to your needs and the maintenance it may demand.

5. The Price of the Rug

A high-quality rug is a wise investment as it will last longer and feel better and more comfortable. A perfect rug can completely change the entire appearance of your living space. So be sure to consider what we just discussed. You can have a look at the range of carpets of these types on our website. We deal in different rugs, from handwoven to textiles, so that your customers will find our selection comfy and appealing.

Cushions effortlessly tie the room decor together with styles for every taste

Nature is one of the most inspirational sources of design. With all of its elements, hues, textures, and shadows, are not only breathtakingly beautiful but also incredibly unique. Like nothing else, it sharpens artisans’ creativity and imagination..

Our main source of inspiration at Ambadi is "Nature." Since color palettes, artistry, and overall patterns often exist in nature already, it intrigues our creativity and encourages us to incorporate those inspirations into the design process. As a result, our collections are sustainable statements of nature's grace & elegance..

Inspiration can come from a range that one sees and perceives. Globally, one of the largest influences on design is travel. The best designers around the world incorporate different elements of their travel experiences into their work. Ambadi shares this belief and makes sure that our creative team travels extensively to discover global design trends and translate these learnings into ground-breaking designs that are pleasing to the eyes and suited for themes and trends around the corners of the world.